"This is a powerful book. Whether you’re in show business or the franchise business, the keys to success are the same; standing up for what you believe in, preparation, courage, persistence and excellence in your craft. Nick Neonakis delivers these keys with the Franchise MBA."

Richard Belzer
Actor, Law & Order 
Philanthropic Capitalist

"It's hard to believe that a book on the franchise business could be smart, definitive and -- brace yourself -- fun to read. But Nick Neonakis has pulled it off, because this one is. If you're even faintly considering a jump into the business, buying this book ought to be your first step. It's terrific."

Tucker Carlson
Fox New Co-Founder
The Daily Caller

"Nick Neonakis has written a skillfully crafted, comprehensive primer on franchises, a valuable 'must read' for anyone considering franchise ownership as a means to achieve personal wealth and the freedom associated with business ownership."

Richard L. Osborne

Theodore M. Alfred Professor of Management

Weatherhead School of Management Case Western Reserve University

"The Franchise MBA is an elegant treatise on franchising as a business strategy. Franchising accounts for 1 in 7 jobs in the USA, and as a distributed business model has endured through time, where businesses have passed from one generation to the next. Nick Neonakis demystifies the complexity of franchising and allows for a view into our world of creating value one franchise at a time."

Charles E. Chase

President and CEO

FirstService Brands

"Do you want to make money? Do you want to feel the freedom of running your own business? Read this book—no, consume this book! Nick and his co-authors have de-coded the Rosetta Stone of small business."

Richard Boyatzis

Distinguished University Professor

Case Western Reserve University Co-author with Dan Goleman and Annie McKee of the international best seller, Primal Leadership.

"The Franchise MBA is a book that transcends franchising and crosses into a solid understanding of how to evaluate your core abilities. I recommend this to any business leader or aspiring entrepreneur."

Neil Patel

Publisher and CEO

The Daily Caller 

"The decision to start your own business can be a daunting and intimidating task. The Franchise MBA lays out an excellent roadmap for those on their journey to independence. Nick Neonakis does a superb job of demystifying the process and provides the reader the tools needed to ask the right questions and make informed decisions."

Robb King II

SR VP Franchise Development 

Paul Davis Restoration, Inc.

"Becoming a business owner is a significant undertaking and you want to make sure to stack the deck in your favor. Nick and this masterfully written book will help you do exactly that. I would recommend Nick and The Franchise MBA to anyone seriously considering this exciting step into owning a franchise business."

Andrew Horton

Chief Development Officer 

St. Gregory Development Group 

"The Franchise MBA is a MUST READ if you're looking into any Franchise."

Adam Ogden


JuiceBlendz / YoBlendz

"Buying a franchise is as much an emotional decision as a financial one and the Franchise MBA really offers a comprehensive review of how to evaluate both aspects of the decision making process. This is an excellent source for anyone considering a franchise and is written in an engaging, fast paced manner."

Todd Leff

President and CEO 

Hand and Stone Franchise Corp

"The Franchise MBA is a must read for anyone considering franchise ownership. Let Nick Neonakis become your "Franchise Sherpa" in the exploration of business ownership. Nick is a highly skilled and experienced guide who will provide a safe passage for you and yours. Take this exciting journey...you are likely to learn as much about yourself as you will about franchising."
Peter Barkman
VP Franchise Development 
CertaPro Painters

"If the thought of being your own boss has ever crossed your mind, this book will help you uncover the path to get there. Franchising can be an incredible vehicle to achieve your income, wealth and lifestyle goals and Nick Neonakis carefully lays out the steps to get there."

Alex Roberts


Mr. Handyman International

"The Franchise MBA" is the perfect book for well-seasoned or beginner entrepreneurs. Nick Neonakis has written a self-guiding tour book for franchise ownership. If you’re thinking of owning your own franchise opportunity this masterfully designed book must be in your library!"

Tim Evankovich


The Cleaning Authority

"Straightforward, practical and honest... This is the type of advice one would want from a parent and it's exactly what Nick Neonakis delivers to readers of The Franchise MBA. When considering significant investment in a franchise, an investment that may be close to one's life savings, why wouldn't the individual want straightforward, practical and honest advice? Well, Nick delivers just that and has written a must-read for anyone giving thought to buying a franchise making The Franchise MBA is as valuable as a Harvard MBA!"

Paul Segreto, CFE


Franchise Foundry

"The Franchise MBA is a superbly crafted guide from a respected industry veteran. His insights into understanding yourself and what constitutes your ideal franchise business will help you as you begin your journey. Nick Neonakis has written a book that is meaningful, accurate, and a lively read!"

Kurt Landwehr

Vice President, Franchise Development 

Regis Corporation

"Nick draws upon his lifetime of experience in creating this useful and instructive overview of franchising."

Lane Fisher

Fisher Zucker LLC

"After thirty years in franchising and many books read, I feel The Franchise MBA was the easiest for a layman to understand. Great insight from a great person with integrity. A must read if you want to get into franchising."

Rhonda Sanderson


Sanderson Associates 

The ORIGINAL Franchise PR Firm

"The Franchise MBA by Nick Neonakis is a solid asset for those longing to understand the essential value of franchising and achieving the dream of ownership of a franchised business properly."

Doug Schadle


Rhino 7 Franchise Development Corp.

"The complex chemistry of franchising is deconstructed in this book into a simple and concrete grounding that will allow the men and women who are looking to commit their entrepreneurial goals through buying a franchise to process with real consciousness the opportunity and meaning of their decision making. It will become an important book for many people."

Edward Leaman

CEO Growers and Nomads

"The Franchise MBA is the must-read guide for the hopeful entrepreneur. Look no further because Nick Neonakis nails it with the Franchise MBA."

David Lewis, CFE

Best Selling Author of The Emerging Leader: Eight Lessons for Life in Leadership

Vice President of Franchising

Express Employment Professionals

"The Franchise MBA truly captures the essence of how to find a great franchise opportunity – hard hitting factual analysis combined with a thorough explanation of the emotions and anxiety that can accompany the process. Fantastic take home value in every page!"

Jeff Elgin



"Nick Neonakis is one of the sharpest franchise development leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. When he dispenses advice, I am all ears."

Dana Mead


Kahala Franchising LLC

"By carefully guiding you all the way through the steps of an intelligent and rigorous franchise search, The Franchise MBA is the best resource available to someone considering franchise ownership. If you are exploring self-employment as a means to achieving your dreams, this book is simply a must!"

Michael Cassidy

Director of Emerging Operations

Floor Coverings International

"The Franchise MBA is a 'must read' for all Franchise Professionals, Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Nick has communicated his knowledge and understanding of the industry in a clear and strategic manner."

Rocco Fiorentino, CFE

President / CEO 

Benetrends Financial 

Board of Directors, International Franchise Assn.

"In The Franchise MBA, author Nick Neonakis offers the reader an invaluable and guided pathway through what might otherwise be considered a maze, when considering franchise ownership. Broken down into the most important but easy-to-read steps, the franchise buying process is highlighted against the kind of introspective questions any business owner should ask before making the decision to buy a franchise."

Rosemarie Hartnett, CFE



"Franchising’s one of the best ways to go if you’re going to start a business in the 21st Century, and Nick’s one of the best people to help you get there. Nick’s book will help you clearly understand franchising and how your lifetime of experiences has prepared you to begin this next chapter in your life through franchising. Start with the first chapter of Nick’s book and keep reading!"

Bill Grody

Founder / Former Chairman CEO 

America’s Best Contacts / Eyeglasses

"Franchising remains a great way to go into business for yourself but not by yourself. Reading books like The Franchise MBA and consulting with legal counsel before investing is a prudent step for any franchise investor."

Steve Caldeira

President and CEO

International Franchise Association

"Great franchise companies understand the value of passion, purpose, people and process. The Franchise MBA takes you on a journey through the realities of owning your own franchise from start-up to mature and illustrates the core values and principles that drive success for the franchisor and franchisee."

Steven Greenbaum



"Finally, a book that brings the franchise opportunity, one of most powerful and successful business models in the world, to life in a straight-forward and useful way. Anyone considering franchise ownership will find value in The Franchise MBA. Neonakis draws on a successful and broad career to offer a thorough education and practical guide through the personal journey and business nuts and bolts of franchise ownership. More importantly, this is not an academic book, this is for those who aspire to build income, wealth and lifestyle through the franchise model. This is a book inspired by passion to help others and the knowledge to make it real and useful."

Dan Steward

President / CEO 

Pillar to Post

"If you're considering a franchise as an investment, there isn’t another franchise business book in the industry that you should turn to… you will turn each page with an excitement level that will provide you with a vision that will remind you of leaders like John W. Marriott (Marriott Hotels), William Barron Hilton (Hilton Hotels), Jack C. Taylor (Enterprise Rent-A-Car) and many more. You will live and breathe the life of a franchise owner with the knowledge and savvy of a franchise veteran, page after page. You will thank Nick Neonakis for the education you receive. From the shadows of a cave on Mount Psiloritis (you have to read the book), to the classrooms of the PhD’s in franchising, this is a franchise bible - and a must for the investor. Buy this book!

Bob McQuillan

VP, Franchise Development 

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial SpaEntrepreneur 

Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

"Great decisions are the result of good process, and "The Franchise MBA" walks the reader skillfully down the path to their ultimate success."

Jeff Dudan

CEO and Founder 


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